Which is the Best Way to Reach the Colosseum?

Which is the Best Way to Reach the Colosseum?

“The Colosseum” - also called “The Flavian amphitheatre” - confers to Rome a powerful and majestic image. 

It was the largest amphitheatre ever built at the time, helding up to 80000 spectators. Its magnificence stands out from the centre of the city where the Colosseum is located (only a short walk from the Costantine Arch). 

In its absolute stunning image, the amphitheatre will take you to the Roman era. 

Colosseum History

The amphitheatre has the shape of a large ellipsoid arena, built under the Flavian dynasty of the emperors Vespasian, Titus and Domitian from 69 CE to 96 CE. 

With a height of 48 meters, the monument was a gift to Roman Citizens; it was born, in fact, to have an available place for the entertainment of the Ancient Romans. Here were set gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, naval battles (there still are canals which were used to drain the Colosseum after it was flooded from a nearby aqueduct), executions and dramas; below the colosseum there is a system of underground passages called hypogeum which consented to animals, actors and gladiators, to appear in a scenic manner in the middle of the arena. 

The name Colosseum was given from a statue that was located alongside the amphitheatre called “the colossus of Nero”.  

The materials used for the Colosseum are travertine limestone, tuff and brick-faced concrete.

The Colosseum has a particular aspect as it is damaged. It presents a missing part mostly because of earthquakes but also because throughout the centuries people have taken away its pieces to keep it as a souvenir. 

An Easy Way to get to the Colosseum

It is easy to reach the Colosseum by car or by train. 

Rome is well connected and reachable from many places as it is situated almost in the centre of Italy.  

Amalfi Luxury Tour offers a day tour to Rome by car where as first visit we will stop you at the Colosseum. 

Let us guide you to the symbol of Italy and of the ancient Roman Empire. 

Discover the history behind the amphitheatre and do not lose the opportunity to take a picture with its gladiators. Contact us for your Colosseum trip. 

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