Montecassino Abbey: why to Visit One of the Most Known Abbey in the World?

Montecassino Abbey: why to Visit One of the Most Known Abbey in the World?

Situated in the Latin Valley, 81 miles from Rome, the famous abbey takes its name from the Roman town of Casinum. An Abbey is a complex building with similar functions of a monastery; under the governance of an abbot or abbess, the abbey was housing monks and nuns and used for Christian religious activities and works. 

The History Behind Montecassino's Walls

Montecassino was founded in 529 by Saint Benedict of Nursia, the patron Saint of Europe considered the founder of monasticism in the West. 

The Abbey has a story of tragic events.  

Montecassino was, in the first instance, destroyed by the Saracens in the IX century and, at a later time, by fire but then rebuilt. The Abbey became really important in the 11th century, when, under Abbot Desiderius, achieved its fame.  

In this period, Montecassino had great power and influence; in fact, the abbey became a great cultural centre in Europe, having a school “The Scriptorium” - where hand-written books and scripts were written by monks. 

In 1944, the Abbey was bombed by the Allies who wrongly believed that it was being used as a German observation post. 

“The battle of Montecassino” was one of the most important battles during the Second World War, the reason why it is still remembered nowadays. Montecassino blocked the Allies route north to Rome and had to be taken despite the difficulties of doing so from a military point of view. 

After the dissolution of the italian monasteries in 1866, Montecassino became a national monument. 

The Fame of the Abbey 

Montecassino is famous all over the world as the first european abbey. 

The great and majestic complex overlooks the rural landscape from a green hill. 

The Abbey is easy to reach by car from different cities: Rome, Frosinone (closest city) and Naples; so a trip on the road is the best way to visit this amazing monument.

Montecassino shows great magnificence, built under the supervision of artists brought from Amalfi, Lombardy and Costantinople. 

Nowadays the abbey has a library which is also an archive for important documents stored here.

The Abbey guests many religious events and it has main highlights amongst which:

  • The museum with sculptures, ivories, antiquities and italian silverwares. 
  • The Bozzetti Hall with paintings from painters who visited the Abbey. 
  • The Cathedral which guests Piero de’ Medici tomb, Saint Benedict and Saint Scolastic tombs. 
  • The Bramante courtyard with statues and beautiful architecture. 

Visiting the Abbey means visiting a historic place, symbol of religion, power, fighting and resistance during the centuries. 

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If you would like to enter the doors of this historical abbey do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  

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