What to see in Baia and Bacoli

What to see in Baia and Bacoli

The Phlegraean Fields are rich in history and culture and also have several truly spectacular areas. Baia and Bacoli are certainly the most interesting municipalities of the Phlegraean Fields: several archaeological sites coming directly from the Roman era are concentrated here. Let's find out together what are the fundamental stages of a tour between Baia and Bacoli.

Aragonese Castle of Baia and its beach

At the top of the hill of Baia stands the magnificent Aragonese castle. Dated 1495, the fortress is located on a tactical position, which allows you to keep the surrounding territory under control, returning today some breathtaking views. In the early 90s, the structure became the Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields and offers all its visitors a permanent exhibition of the numerous artifacts found in Cuma, Pozzuoli and Rione Terra. At the foot of the Castello di Baia there is a small beach where you can relax by diving into the spectacular crystal clear waters: access to the beach is possible by boat, booking one day before.

Casina vantitelliana

The well-known architect Luigi Vanvitelli is considered one of the greatest exponents of Rococo and Classical art and is possible to find his sign on numerous structures commissioned directly by King Charles of Bourbon. If the Royal Palace of Caserta is considered the masterpiece, there are several "minor works" made by Vanvitelli: the Vanvitellian house is one of them. Built on an islet in the Fusaro swamp, the little house was created as a resting place for royal hunting parties. Today it is open to the public and can be visited for a fee.

Archaeological complex of the Terme di Baia

The Romans were able to exploit the volcanic nature of the Phlegraean Fields to create huge thermal complexes available to the prominent personalities of the time. Baia houses numerous ruins of thermal complexes partially destroyed by time and bradyseism. Some thermal halls can still be visited, such as the Nymphaeum of Diana, the temple of Venus and the Temple of Mercury.

Mirabilis pool

The Phlegraean Fields have often hosted the Roman fleet, whose needs have led to the construction of various structures. Among these is the Mirabilis pool, a huge tank in which water was stored to be loaded on board military ships. The structure is based on a large rectangular pool 70 meters long and 25 meters wide, with a depth of 15 meters. Entirely excavated in the characteristic tuff of the Phlegraean Fields, the Mirabilis pool is able to contain up to 12,000 liters of water from the aqueduct of the Serino. The cistern is covered by a barrel-vaulted ceiling and 4 rows of 12 high pillars.

Submerged city of Baia

The bradyseism has continuously changed the geographical characteristics of the Phlegraean Fields and, after more than a millennium, part of the coast is submerged, giving life to one of the most characteristic marine reserves in the world. The submerged park of Baia, unlike the rest of the marine protected areas, hosts numerous buildings, including the ruins of the port of Baia. The site is rich in mosaics belonging to the submerged city. It is possible to make visits to the submerged park of Baia accompanied by experienced divers.

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