Faraglioni: all you need to know

Faraglioni: all you need to know

The island of Capri, situated close to Naples, it’s well known for its natural rocks, which directly come out from the sea.

Eroded by waves, the famous Faraglioni stand out in front of the island giving its visitors a stunning view. The word “Faraglioni”, which means rock stacks, has maybe its origin from the Greek pharaoh and Latin pharus and it is affine with the spanish farallon. 

The three rocks

Each rock has got its own name: 

  • The first rock, still attached to the land, is called Stella

  • The second, separated from the first rock by a stretch of sea, is called Faraglione di Mezzo. This rock has a central cavity which is large enough for the passage of a small boat. 

  • The third is called Faraglione di Fuori or Scopolo, which means the head or promontory stretching into the sea.  This last rock is the habitat for a special lizard, whose colour is blue; according to the legend, its unique colour is the result of the amphibian’s vicinity to the sea and the sky. 

The average height of the Faraglioni is 100 meters. 

How to enjoy the Faraglioni 

In Capri, there are 3 places from where you can enjoy the best Faraglioni view: 

  • Punta Tragara 

  • The Gardens of Augustus 

  • Belvedere dei Filosofi o Via Maglieria. 

If you would like to have a cocktail or dinner with the Faraglioni view, Capri offers different options: the most recommended bar is “Capri Rooftop” and the most famous restaurants are “La Fontelina” and “ai Faraglioni”. 

Being so famous all around the world for their suggestive beauty, we suggest to arrange a brief visit to Capri just to admire its gems and to take a selfie while in one of the most beautiful landscapes known. 

Amalfi Luxury Tour offers a walking tour to the Faraglioni Island; this tour will give you the possibility to walk through Capri and Anacapri and it includes a stop at the Gardens of Augustus where it is possible to admire the Rocks in all their beauty. 

Our most recommended tour to discover the Faraglioni is Capri boat Experience. We will take you directly to swim and snorkeling around the rocks. 

We guarantee snorkeling equipment, dry snacks and bottled water. 

If you are eager to discover this natural paradise and swim in the intense blue water Contact us and we will arrange a Faraglioni trip according to your needs. 

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