Social distancing in South Italy’s beaches after Coronavirus

Social distancing in South Italy’s beaches after Coronavirus

Italy's government is introducing strict guidelines to prepare for tourism after Coronavirus.

As borders for summer tourism are being reopening, the government is deciding some measures to respect in order to provide security and safety both for tourists and for employers

Obviously, these rules are being frequently updating according to the last healthcare data.

Here are the strict new rules to be respected:

  • booking systems, to book your umbrella in time, due to the restricted availability of this year

  • masks must be worn - at this stage - when not swimming

  • group activities are banned

  • umbrella will be spaced far apart, at least 5 metres

  • one-way tourist-flow systems, to organize the paths to go and return from the beaches

  • electronic tagging, to control and count beachgoers

  • hand gel dispensers available in different points 

  • regular sanitization of bathrooms

  • beach bar won't have buffet services and, instead, are introducing table service to sun loungers

  • there can be no queues at the beach bars, too

Although Italy has been hit hard by Coronavirus, the South has escaped the huge amount of damages suffered by regions in the North, maybe due to a much more rapid applying of restrictive procedures.

With its 8000 kilometers long coastlines and 11000 beaches, the country is waiting for tourists to come back and enjoy its beautiful sea and sands.

If you want to have more information regarding the rules that are being applying, here you can read them on Italy's Ministero della Salute website.

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