What to buy in Amalfi: typical souvenirs and italian brands

What to buy in Amalfi: typical souvenirs and italian brands

The Amalfi coast offers an exceptional shopping experience, offering not only luxury shops of great designers but also small workshops where you can buy both typical souvenirs and italian brands. With Amalfi Luxury you won't have to worry about getting around to find the right places for your shopping, because we will take care of everything.

"Positano Fashion": Sandals and more

So, what to buy in Amalfi? Typical souvenirs and Italian brands are certainly those created by the artisans for the "Positano fashion": since the 60s the coast is famous for its "Positano fashion", made of beach clothes, beach towels, towels, bags (typical those in marine style with the names of the places), sarongs in linen or cotton and bikini, recognizable all over the world. Walking through the streets of Amalfi, you can buy them for yourself or for your friends: the skilled craftsmen will create in front of you sandals using a great variety of materials, from simple leather straps to the most sought-after crystals, reflecting your style or following your indications.


What to buy in Amalfi? Typical souvenirs and Italian brands are certainly ceramics. Colorful dishes, bowls, trays, tea and coffee services, are all hand-painted by local artisans in factories across the Amalfi coast, which, on the traditional white background, create the characteristic cheerful decorations in marine theme or depict lemons and even the iconic landscapes of the Amalfi coast and Campania with stylized and easily recognizable features. The main colors on these ceramics are yellow and blue, but it is also possible to find others.

Handmade paper

Another characteristic item to buy in Amalfi is the "Amalfi paper", a hand-crafted paper obtained from cotton, linen and hemp rags, used today by the Vatican State for its correspondence and also for wedding participations, for baptisms, for the first communions, for depliants and to write important works. You can watch the cycle of paper process by visiting the Amatruda Paper Mill.


In Praiano you can buy a precious handmade mandolin: in fact, here is the last luthier of the Amalfi Coast and you can order it according to your taste.

Tipical food

What to buy in Amalfi if not typical foods in order to bring back the atmosphere of the holiday? You can buy limoncello, extra-virgin olive oil, jams, local wines, pasta, desserts, mozzarella and all the typical specialties of the area.

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