What to do in Ravello in Spring?

What to do in Ravello in Spring?

Spring gives to Ravello a coloured and energetic aspect.

The city blooms exactly like its flowers, taking its visitors to enjoy its quiet and peace while admiring stunning views and discovering its attractions. 

Main Attractions in Ravello

Ravello is a resort town famous for the iconic cliffside gardens, overlooking the Thyrrenian sea by Italy’s Amalfi Coast. 

The small town has two Villas well known all over the world:

  • Villa Rufolo, situated in the historic centre of Ravello, presents an arabian style. Originally built in the 13th century, it had been refurbished In the 19th century. It belonged to the wealthy family Rufolo, then passed by inheritance to other owner. Villa Rufolo has stunning gardens overlooking the sea. Richard Wagner, the german Opera composer, was so enraptured by the Villa that he imagined the location as the garden in the second act of Parsifal; that’s the reason why every year Villa Rufolo hosts a Wagnerian Concert.
  • Villa Cimbrone, the second Villa in Ravello, was built in an earlier time around the 11th century AD. It is famous for the “Terrazzo dell’Infinito” with a stunning scenic view (Belvedere). Nowadays an Hotel, the Villa has public gardens. The original structure is still visible but many other architectural elements were added from other parts of Italy. The Villa takes its name from the landscape it stands on, a rocky outcrop called Cimbronium. 

Only a minute by walking from Villa Rufolo, originally opened in 1086, the Cathedral of Ravello shows a simple structure outside but in its interiors presents mosaic, sculptures and decorative features. 

Ravello: a Place of Relax  

Ravello is located in one of the best positions, close to Amalfi and Positano. It is ideal for whoever would like to enjoy a quieter place, a bit further from the crowded main towns of the Coast.

Especially during spring, it is possible to enjoy the perfect temperature swimming in a pool or relaxing in a jacuzzi that various hotels offer, overlooking the sea view. 

Ravello is also famous for guesting events, such as music events (concerts for piano, classic or jazz music) or art events, for whoever loves culture. 

For many centuries Ravello has attracted celebrities. 

Ravello also has different types of grapes, one of the well known is Falanghina, a so popular white wine in the area. 

The small town is considered a perfect destination for honeymoons; indeed, its views and flowers have also inspired painters such as J.Walker and Chris Apel. 

Amalfi Luxury Tour offers the possibility of booking a tour by car, which includes a visit to Amalfi, Positano and Ravello as the last destination. It guarantees a roundtrip transportation from/to the meeting point. 

Commentary on board and multi language speaking driver are provided. 

Contact us if you would like to take a short relaxing break to Ravello and also discover its legends and lore. 

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