What to see in Positano: between nature and stores

What to see in Positano: between nature and stores

The vertical city of Positano stands on the most spectacular stretch of the Amalfi Coast (fully included among the "Cultural landscapes" that UNESCO considers "World Heritage" and is a small village squeezed into a ravine with narrow pedestrian alleys that descend towards the port, famous for its colorful houses set between the mountains and the sea, visible even if you decide to visit it also with an excursion by sea.

Positano is the first town of the Amalfi Coast for those coming from Sorrento, that is proceeding from west to east, and is only 20 minutes from Sorrento and Amalfi and for its mild climate the best time to visit it is from April to October. Loved since ancient Rome, is today frequented by people from all over the world and by the most diverse lifestyles, including many international movie stars or magnates of the new economy, who stay here at the best hotels or move on their very expensive yachts.

So, what to see in Positano?

What to see in Positano?

In Positano, the "stairways" are mainly famous, that is the typical narrow and winding streets that connect the upper part of the city to its famous beaches, especially the Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo, reachable on foot from the city center. The path that joins the two beaches is called "Sentiero degli Innamorati" and is ideal for a walk hand in hand with the person you love. This makes Positano a perfect Romantica location.

All other beaches of unquestionable beauty can only be reached by sea.

After spending most of the day strolling by the sea, up and down the steps of the famous vertical city, you can devote yourself to another activity that makes Positano famous in the world: shopping.

Positano has been famous since the 60s for the production of handcrafted sandals and clothing that respects the tradition of the "Positano fashion", beach dresses, towels, bags, pareos in linen or cotton and bikinis, recognizable all over the world; there are so many luxury boutiques and chic shops in which to buy not only these items of clothing or have sandals made at the time and tailored for luxury gifts that will leave those who receive them open-mouthed, but also to buy some small souvenirs.

The Amalfi coast is an area rich in lemons, of which the sweet scent will inebriate you: this is why typical dishes to taste in Positano are the freshest fish, the hand-made limoncello produced in these places and taste the typical dessert, the lemon delight.

In Positano, therefore, you do not need a car, but only to be good walkers to get around it. However, if you want to visit the other beautiful neighboring areas, we will propose you different alternatives to be able to contemplate the Path of the Gods, admire the archaeological excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, to visit Sorrento, or the very close Amalfi and Ravello according to your needs, for luxurious experiences to live by sea, by car or if you wish, on a helicopter for an experience that will make your stay magical and unforgettable.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to discover what to see in Positano and book a tour with us by sea, car or helicopter!

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